Interview Questions

Linux is a very popular job to go into, with the starting salary being quite competitive.

Even to have knowledge of it is a bonus within the industry therefore here are a few links to some sites which have the top most asked Linux Questions.




Here is a page from which holds multiple job opportunities, just in case you’re feeling lucky!



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Full screen cast

If you’d prefer to get it all into one video (you can use as an audio tutorial, just minimize the page holding the video) and fire ahead! For this tutorial you must have Linux setup and be within the virtual computer application. We start by opening the terminal, from there just follow the instructions! If videos are NOT for you, try my alternate option of slides.


Displaying system information

Below is a short screencast using the following commands:

df – display filesystem, this shows information about the disk space usage. Alternately you can use df -h to display the same information but in MB/GB/KB.

du – directory usage, this displays the size of a directory and all of it’s subdirectories. Use du -h to display in MB/GB/KB.

free – this displays the amount of free space that’s available on the system. In my case it’s just of the virtual machine. Use free -m to display in MB.

uname -a – This provides a range of basic information about the system.

top – This displays the processes using the most system requirements at one time. Use q to quit.

Moving through directories

To see what’s in the directory you’re currently in write the command ‘ls‘. As you can see I then used the change directory command ‘cd‘ to move into one of the folders.

If you aren’t sure or missed the post on directories check it out here: Directories


Using the command ‘pwd‘ you print the working directory. EG. where you are currently in the hierarchy.




A directory in software terms is what appears as the containers/folders and what they can hold. Within Linux, everything is treated as a file which contains a list of other file names etc. Directories being the key role in hierarchial file systems, is a good term to understand.

change directory.png

cd = Changes the directory

cd – = Takes you to the previous directory

cd .. = Takes you up a level