Survey (how I chose)

This is intended to teach my Digital Media class how to work with Linux. I know there is a learning need within my class as we missed out on being properly taught it previously. It is a well known and widely used environment therefore I decided it would be worth seeing if the class were interested. I started off simply asking around and due to the response I decided to go with demonstrating how to use Linux. Before beginning to teach and showcase Linux Ubuntu, I needed to know what people thought. What they would like to learn or find beneficial and how they’d like to do so. Below is a link to the actual survey as well as the results I received.

On the other hand, this blog is also available for anyone to try and improve their skills! Linux is frequently brought up in IT jobs, knowing the basics could be that extra skill they need!

If you want to take a look at some currently listed Linux jobs click here

Survey Questions


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